Super Tuesday Primer: The Fat Tuesday Of Politics

Even if you’re not interested in politics, you’ll probably hear something about “Super Tuesday” tomorrow through some form of media. What is Super Tuesday, you might ask?

Lemme break it down for y’all: Color-super-Pac-vs-Supertue

Super Tuesday is 100% the single most important day in the entire primary season for Republican and Democratic presidential candidates alike. On Super Tuesday (tomorrow), more delegates can be earned for the party nomination process than on any other day in the year. You’ll also hear some douchey gasbags on television refer to it as the SEC Day due to the geographic location of the states voting (Southeastern Conference in football)

Super Tuesday is basically the Fat Tuesday of Politics. All the campaigns are going to be running at full-speed trying to nab last second votes like they just shotgunned/funneled some Four Loko.

Don’t be surprised if you see Ted Cruz or Donald Trump shaking their man-boobs in front of the cameras for some extra beads and necklaces (votes?). 

Here’s some dope charts showing the number of delegates up for grabs tomorrow and the primary timeline going forward, courtesy of The WaPo:

Super Tuesday 2.png


Super Tuesday 1.png


Cartoon Credit to Dave Granlund.


2 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Primer: The Fat Tuesday Of Politics

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