Super Tuesday Primer: Delegate Count

Today’s the day, bitches!

As we mentioned, Super Tuesday is the most important day in the entire presidential nomination process. You could compare it to a political Fat Tuesday, as power-hungry campaigns get super gluttonous for last minute dirty-campaign-tricks and excruciating TV ads.

Thank Baby Jesus (yes, Baby Jesus should be capitalized at all times) I don’t live in one of these states about vote right now. I can’t imagine the amount of dumb-ass TV ads running every commercial break that these douchebag Super-Pacs spend millions of dollars to show.

Case in point: The worst interpretation of “These Boots Are Made For Walking” in the history of mankind (thanks for the contribution, Jeb!)


But I digress…. Here’s an update of each candidate’s current delegate count following primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina:

Democratic Delegate Count.png


Republican Delegate Count


As you can see, Super Tuesday results have YUUUGGGGEEE implications in terms of whether or not Donald / Hillary can theoretically lock-up the nomination.

Yeah bruh, you read it correctly:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will most likely be America’s final presidential candidates in 2016 (unless we get an indictment or Bloomberg cameo).

With a +330MM population, we couldn’t do better than these two crooked crony-capitalists?

Buckle Up. This Gon’ Get Bumpy.

And for what it’s worth, the video below is probably the greatest interpretation of “These Boots Are Made For Walking” in the history of mankind: 



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