Signs of a Tech Bubble Popping?

Peep this list of layoffs in the tech sector below, bruh: 

Tech Sector Layoffs.jpg

Folks, the Unicorns have blossomed and gotten to frolic through the magical financial forests for quite some time now. But Lord Voldemort is back, and The Dark Lord is ready to feast on some serious Unicorn Blood (aka overvalued tech companies).

The remnants of AOL being feasted on by Voldemort.

Some obvious big-time tech layoffs include Yahoo (which has been in a fucking mess since Princess Marissa became CEO), VMware, Sprint, and Birchbox.

If you’ve been following the news, I’m sure you’ve felt like you’ve seen a major company announcing layoffs on a weekly basis at this point. And it hasn’t been just tech firms like HP or Microsoft. We’ve seen significant layoffs by non-tech companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Caterpillar, and Halliburton (duh).

But forreal… we may be on the cusp of another tech bubble. And the weak Unicorns may get slaughtered. 

Stay tuned. WE OUT HERE.



2 thoughts on “Signs of a Tech Bubble Popping?

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