Quit Frontin’, Leo

Listen, I love me some Leo DiCaprio. I’ve been on the Leo bandwagon since “Day 1” when he shocked viewers with 2 of the most underrated performances in modern film history in “Gangs of New York” and “Catch Me If You Can”.

(Day 1 for acting, not being a 12-year old pre-pubescent girl).

By the time “The Departed” was coming out, I already had a full on chubster for Leo and was a full-fledged fan. I obviously knew Jamie Fox deserved the ’04 Best Actor Oscar for his performance in “Ray” over Leo in “The Aviator”…. But DiCaprio’s losses since then have been sad to see. So it’s safe to say I was VERY HAPPY to see Leo finally win the gold statute. Beleeeeeeive dat. I enjoyed the first half of his speech also….. But that said:


You took 6 different private jet flights over the past 6 weeks.  You are sooooo full of shit if you think you finna front on us and preach about climate change. You burn jet fuel throughout our atmosphere on the reg just so you can fuck sexy models around the world

Leo Private Jet.jpg




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