Chris Rock’s Monologue: Dull Yet Effective

Call me crazy but I came away pretty disappointed after Chris Rock’s opening monologue at The Academy Awards last night. Hold up: I’m happy that Rock addressed the consistent institutional racism that The Oscars has subjected America to for decades. Don’t get me wrong, all of it was pretty funny. Most of the skits that occurred throughout the show like the Jack Black History Month one were pretty solid…

But I wanted scorched earth!

Chris Rock is one of the boldest comedians of all time. His wit and straight up IDGAF attitude combines for the perfect comedic wrecking ball. Unfortunately we didn’t really get to see Rock go “Turbo Time”, ‘nam sayin?

After Ricky Gervais tore Hollywood a new one and bent the celebrities over time after time at The Golden Globes, I thought Rock was going to crush his fellow peers in while incorporated racial undertones. Instead he opted to just aim at the main message.

While it’s kinda Rock never verbally dismantled any of the A-Listers attending the event last night, Rock made his message clear…and it was an important one.

Which in reality, was the right decision. Props to that.


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