Charts, Bruh: NFL “Biological Clock Is Ticking”

Peep this chart, bruh: 

NFL Career Length.png

We all know about the damaging effects a career in pro football can have on a person’s physical and mental health by now. Hell, we’ve even had a shitty movie starring Will Smith discussing the NFL’s concussion epidemic and the underlying cover-up by the league (TELL DA TROOOOOOFFFF).

Tell Da Troof.jpg

Contrary to popular perception, the average career length in the NFL is only 3.3 years.

Despite the legendary heroes like Montana/ Elway that society fawns over in pop culture, most NFL guys have had short careers for the LONGEST time now.

But this chart is cray-cray due to the short time period in which the decrease in average NFL career-lengths have dropped so sharply (2000-2014).

It’ll be interesting to see what comes next…. We’ve already have guys like Patrick Willis, Chris Borland, and and Justin Smith retire after what we generally consider “short careers”.

As serious injuries continue to proliferate the sport due to high-octane speed that these players have never moved at before, we will see continued average career lengths decreasing.

You could say that the NFL players are starting to say:

marisa tomei joe pesci my cousin vinny my biological clock is tickingMY BIOLOGICAL CLOCK IS TICKING



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