Yoenis Cespedes: Stuntin Like My Daddy

ICYMI: Yo Cespedes showed up in some fucking style for NY Mets training camp this past week. Cespedes, who grew up in poverty-stricken Cuba, has made it clear that those days are past him. After only having a bicycle to his name before making it to the pros, Cespedes is going to make sure y’all know that he is Stuntin Like My Daddy.

Big Yo signed a 3-year/$75MM contract this off-season with the Mets. After the Wilpons lucked the fuck in to the greatest group of young pitchers since the 90’s Braves / 2000’s Athletics, those fuckbois who lost all their money to Bernie Madoff HAD TO PAY CESPEDES. Otherwise the Mets fans would have had a full on revolt and tore down Citi Field brick by brick.

Check out all the the dope whips that Cespedes showed up to training camp in this past week below. All photos and videos courtesy of Anthony DiComo. Follow him up Twitter for the Mets beat.

Cespedes Cars.jpg

The cars pictured above feature a Ford, Polaris, Lambo, Alfa Romeo, and Jeep totaling almost $1MM. Stunt on them folks, Yo.




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