Phil Jackson Proves He Is Also A Stupid Grumpy Old Man

ICYMI: Oscar Robertson, The Big O himself, was on ESPN this past week and had some criticism for Steph Curry and The Golden State Warriors. Oscar not only downplayed the historical greatness of Steph and the Dubs, but also criticized the NBA as a whole. According to Oscar (who we should mention is 2nd best point guard of all time and an NBA great), no coaches in the modern NBA know how to coach defense. Oscar also mentioned that Steph Curry isn’t an anomaly and there’s been plenty of shooters of his Oscar Robertson.jpgquality in the past (psh, you kiddin me bruh!?).

Listen, I’ll give Oscar a pass. Not only is he out of the league, but Oscar is an old man who is allowed to say whatever the fuck he wants for helping build the NBA and pioneer the game.

Which brings us to Phil Jackson… who is also an old man. But until recently, No Filter Network wasn’t aware that he is also a stupid and grumpy old man. Phil is the President of the New York Knicks and should be well aware of “what’s good” in the modern NBA. Last season Jackson basically shat on 3-point shooting teams, only to watch the Warriors win the 2015 NBAChampionship.

You’d think Phil would learn his lesson. But no… he took it to another level this morning. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Phil Jackson has official jumped the shark. The Knicks better hope he’s just on some crazy Zen peyote-trip and will come back to reality soon enough.

But Jesus Christ. It’s one thing to jam an outdated and relatively ineffective offense (The Triangle) down our throats. But it’s another to insult the intelligence of basketball fans everywhere.



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