Hillary Clinton Wins South Carolina

Hillary Clinton just won the South Carolina Primary tonight. This is huge for the Hildebeast. After barely winning Iowa due to 6 coin-flips and Bernie’s strong showings in New Hampshire and Nevada, The Hag of Benghazi has reclaimed control as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination.

Democratic South Carolina Primary

Hillary’s camp has been freaking out the past month and having PTSD flashbacks to the 2008 Presidential Election as they’ve seen Bernie Sanders rise in popularity. Unfortunately, Sanders did not capitalize on any of his momentum and allowed the Clinton camp to reclaim control. If Sanders had actually attacked Hillary on a SINGLE THING during debates over the past month, Bernie would be doing much better in the primaries. 

However, this stat below is a doozy courtesy of Jake Tapper:

Hillary Black People.png

That’s fuckin’ crazy folks. If you didn’t know, the African-American community loves the Clinton name. This is due to both the economy growing exponentially during the Clinton Administration following the ’87 recession and Clinton’s social programs aimed to help struggling minorities (success rates are up for debate…)

Here’s my take:

You’re hustling backwards if you’re a low-income person who feels the system has screwed them, and not vote for Bernie. Sanders has been consistent and clear that his main objectives as President are to aid struggling Americans and reestablish a society in which the system is not rigged. Ironic due to the fact that:

Hillary is one of the most ruthless crony capitalists in American 20th/21st century politics. C’mon son.


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