Government Forced to Pay $13.2MM For Wrongful FBI Actions

The “DC Corporation” has been told by a judge to pay $13.2MM to Santae E Tribble after spending 28 years in prison for a wrongful murder conviction. The court decision comes following ample evidence that the FBI is crooked as fucked and exaggerated the forensic data they analyzed in order to push a conviction for Tribble.

As the WaPo has reported:

“Tribble, 55, was exonerated in 2012 after DNA testing revealed that he could not have contributed hairs found in a stocking near the scene of the crime in which the attacker Santae Tribble.jpegreportedly wore a stocking mask. At trial, an FBI examiner testified the hairs microscopically matched Tribble’s and prosecutors suggested to the jury it would be a “1 in 10 million” coincidence if the hairs came from someone else. The jury convicted him in January 1980.”

“Tribble’s case and the others helped trigger a federal review that in April disclosed that FBI examiners systematically overstated testimony in nearly all hair match cases against criminal defendants for two decades before 2000.”


It gets worse though, folks. Here’s some other fucked up shit that Tribble had been subjugated to due to the immorality and corruption activities the FBI:

“Mr. Tribble’s ordeal did not merely deprive him of his liberty in a constitutional sense — it ruined his life, leaving him broken in body and spirit and, quite literally, dying,” Mott wrote. The judge’s opinion cited Tribble’s imprisonment at age 17 and attributed his severe depression, heroin addiction, HIV and hepatitis to his incarceration.

Mott wrote that Tribble repeatedly was held in solitary confinement for stretches as long as nine months and described a 1999 prison transfer in which Tribble was “tasered, tear-gassed, and, at one point, held in four-point restraints and strapped to a concrete bed for four to five days, where he was forced to urinate and defecate on himself, all while in severe physical pain.

That shit is fucking crazy, man. We are supposed to trust law enforcement, our judge,s and most of all the FBI to do their job in an honest and moral manner.

But then again, Hillary Clinton is still walking the earth as a free woman…

Good luck getting your life back together, Santae.


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