Charts, Bruh: Oil-Dependent Countries

Peep this chart, bruh: 

Oil Dependent Countries.jpeg

As we’ve covered previously, oil has plummeted nearly 70% over the past 18 months. This has thrown as serious wrench in the wheels that are the global economy. We keep hearing about the major players, such as Saudi Arabia and Russia, as well as the 2nd-tier players like Iran and Iraq. But rarely discussed are the small countries that are getting absolutely gang-banged due to the drop of the commodity.

The chart depicts the percentage of various countries’ GDP that is directly due to the exportation of oil. When you look at the numbers, it’s fucking nuts. Here’s a breakdown of the the drop in GDP for some of the countries based on the decline in oil (65% drop assumed):

  1. Brunei: 39.2%
  2. Kuwait: 30.2%
  3. Libya: 28.5%
  4. Republic of Congo: 27.4%




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