Bernie Sanders Fanboys Probably Wish He Wasn’t So Non-Confrontational

After big wins for Hillary Clinton in the the last two Democratic primaries, it seems the momentum that The Brooklyn Brawler built over the past month has evaporated.

Democratic South Carolina PrimaryHillary Cliton Nevada







Forever, Bernie Sanders has refused to make any personal attacks on Hillary Clinton during the DNC debates or on the campaign trail. While this is “admirable” and a decent idea for the beginning of a campaign, the strategy itself can only last so long. When you are in a 2-man race for a presidential nomination, then you need to not only tout your own visions and goals, but also compare them to your opponent.

Bernie failed at this on so many levels. The Brooklyn Brawler has spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME just trying to seem classy and focus on his own political visions. Unfortunately, none of his revolutionary ideas will see the light of day if he can’t even with the nomination. An to be perfectly honest, Bernie and his campaign have themselves to blame for that. Bernie repeatedly refused to attack Clinton on a number of issues that are there for the taking.

Bernie didn’t even need to talk about the multiple things that Hillary is under federal investigation for. Bernie could have attacked clear failures and shortcomings that Hillary has experienced throughout her “political career” (aka habitual climb to power at all costs). Bernie could have also aggressively addressed the hypocrisy of Clinton’s stances relative to her actions over the years (Wall Street speeches, anyone?).

But no, either Bernie’s campaign was simply too naive, or he was strong armed by Debbie

Evil Sucubus Wasserman Schultz.jpg

Political Sucubus AKA Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Wasserman Schultz (an incompetent buffoon) and the Democratic Establishment. Which is a shame, because it will be hilarious when the Democratic nominee is put in cuffs and an orange jumpsuit (unless the State Department is really as corrupt as the White House itself).

Bernie should have been more aggressive and done anything he could to help transform America to the vision that he sees fit. But he waited way too long. 

And you know it, boy.


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