Marco Rubio Doesn’t Know How To Spell

Jesus Christ, Marco. You’re a bubble boy buffoon can’t do a damn thing right. You have the entire Republican “Establishment” (MONEYYYYYYYY) backing you with key endorsements and you still manage to fuck things up.

Below you’ll see a video of Rubio on the campaign trail making fun of Donald Trump and his tweets. At first, this seemed like a good tactic. “It’s about damn time that these guys started going after Trump” is the popular sentiment. However, considering Rubio’s robotic antics of the past, you’d think he would be more prepared than this:

Marco Rubio just made fun of Donald Trump for spelling the word “choker”, correctly. What was a promising idea, turned out to be a -1 for Marco and a +1 for The Donald. C’MON SON. 


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