ICYMI: Chris Christie Endorses Trump

ICYMI: Chris Christie, the Fat-Fuck himself, announced his endorsement of Donald Trump yesterday afternoon. This isn’t so surprising considering Christie and Trump’s long-documented friendship. This isn’t so surprising either because Christie needs to buckle-up and ride some serious coattails considering his political career has hit a major wall. Donald Trump Chris Christie
Let me explain…

Christie has now basically pulled 2 suicide bombings on the Republican Party over the past month:

  1. Christie gave ZERO FUCKS when aggressively going after Marco Rubio during a debate when he damn well knew his campaign was on life-support. 
  2. Christie endorsed Donald Trump, after the entire GOP has been touting the “sensical” and “experienced” governors that have announced their candidacy. So much for that. 

Given these 2 serious kamikaze-jobs in such a small time frame, it’s pretty certain Christie has alienated himself from the Republican Establishment. Christie will be blackballed for life among that group of politicians and the people they wield influence over.

But then again, Christie did pull a power move. No question that if Trump wins the Republican nomination, Christie will either be his VP running mate or be a pre-determined Attorney General (which he actually would be good at).

I for one don’t want Lard-Lungs anywhere near the the VP position. However, Christie would probably make for a bad-ass Attorney General. If Christie was the Attorney General, he’d have Hillary Clinton and her posse of sycophantic criminals in cuffs in a hot second. 



4 thoughts on “ICYMI: Chris Christie Endorses Trump

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