ICYMI: Trump Adds Another Notch On His Belt

In case you missed it, Donald Trump won the Nevada Republican Primary last night. This gave Trump his 3rd primary victory in 2 week! As we stated earlier this week, you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think The Donald is the clear favorite to win the Republican nomination. Trump has already won in both very conservative and more moderate states.

The only thing that could derail “Making America Great Again”  would be a new candidate or something to throw a wrench in DT’s wheels (psssttt… are you there, Mitt?).

Nevada Republican Primary.png

Rubio racked up another 2nd place finish with Cruz right behind him in 3rd place, similar to what played out in South Carolina.Carson and Kasich trailed the 3 other candidates by +15% each. If Kasich really was one of these “true conservatives”, he would drop out now and theoretically/basically hand his points to Rubio. But then again the NY Times endorsement might have inflated his ego (speaking of which, that was a joke; I could have told you the NYT would endorse him months ago).

As for Carson… that dude must be high on some serious peyote or flaka or some shit. After another poor performance amid floundering support, Dr. Ben said “I believe things are starting to happen here.”



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