Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Understand Things: Economics (Part 1)

This one is a fuckin’ gem son:

Bernie Sanders Economics 1.png

This is a perfect exemplification of how little Bernie Sanders understands knows about basic economic concepts. I love the Brooklyn Brawler as a dude just as much as the next guy. But it’s clear Sanders doesn’t know the implications / consequences of the economic revolution he hopes to create.

The US Economy is a complex and ever-shapeshifting “cycle” that directly affects the lives of over 300MM Americans and ultimately billions globally. When a candidate is campaigning to be the leader of the god damn free world, he/she better know their shit. Let alone a candidate that’s aiming to overhaul the most successful and revolutionary economy in the history of mankind. ‘Merica, bruh.

So when Bernie shows us that he doesn’t understand basic concepts like interest rates, credit risk, and collateral, as shown in the Tweet above, ya gotta call it as it is. Not sure that’s something we can trust.

FYI: the Tweet is so ridiculous because a person’s fucking brain cannot be seized by a lender when a college kid defaults on their loans. Lenders need to price in the fact that they lose a lot of money on student loans. If you don’t pay your mortgage, the lenders take your home and property. That’s how the world works, Nam sayin’?

Bernie Sanders fixing the economy……?




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