Ted Cruz Proves He Is Slime, Again

Ted Cruz has proved once again that he’s complete slime and running a dirty-ass campaign. To recap:

  1. Ted Cruz’s campaign sent out fake fliers in Iowa warning citizens that they could be penalized for not voting (Obama did this also, FYI).
  2. Ted Cruz’s campaign spread a false rumor that Ben Carson was dropping out, half-way through the Iowa Caucus. Carson had key voters in Iowa that most likely would’ve been voting for Cruz had Carson not been running.
  3. Ted Cruz’s campaign unleashed an unreal amount of robo-calls to South Carolina homes praising Cruz while trashing other candidates.

Today, Cruz was called out by Marco Rubio for spreading complete lies about Rubio’s track history and character in a campaign video. The video was so blatantly false that Cruz had to fire Senior Advisor Rick Tyler as a fall-guy. You know Ted and his crazy dad (more on him soon) were behind this strategy.

Don’t expect this to slow down Cruz. They are going to keep playing dirty.

Ted Cruz is also Alf disguised as a Canadian.

Ted Cruz and Alf


One thought on “Ted Cruz Proves He Is Slime, Again

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