ICYMI: Trump Wins Another State He Wasn’t Supposed To

In case you missed it, Donald Trump won another primary on February 20th. Trump ended his Saturday night with a victory in South Carolina and 50 Delegates to boot. All the fuckboi political pundits had labeled SC as a conservative state that Trump had no chance of winning just a month ago. Cruz was the major favorite, playing to his usual BS religious proclamations (that just so happen to be as divisive as Barry O can be now, for what it’s worth). Turns out the Trump Train keeps rolling. 

South Carolina Primary Results.png


  1. Pretty incredible that Trump received +30% of the vote and finished with a 10% margin of victory. Trump’s ability to GIVE ZERO FUCKS has continued to impress No Filter Network.
  2. At this point, you’re lying to yourself if you don’t think Trump is the favorite to win the Republican ticket. You could say he’s “kicked in the door, Biggie floww“.
  3. Surprising turn of events for Rubio. The Bubble Boy has been on a roller-coaster ride over the past 3 weeks: After beating all expectations in Iowa, puttin up a fuckin’ stinker in New Hampshire, Rubio shocked everyone with a 2nd place finish. Let’s see if the “RubioMentum” / “MarcoMentum” / “BubbleBoyMentum” will last longer than a week this time. Then again, he won’t have to deal with Chris Christie going full suicide kamikaze on the Republican Party.
  4. Bush is done. Bush wisely dropped out after another shitty performance. It’s a shame, Jeb! was meant to run 8-12 years ago. 2016 just wasn’t his time. RIP THE BUSH POLITICAL DYNASTY.
  5. Carson is done. Dude probably won’t figure that out though for another month. C’mon son.
  6. What’s good with Kasich? I think it’s pretty much time to accept that it’s a 3-man race right now.


Trump New Yorker.jpg

I love this photo. Never gets old. FYI: 3 of the 4 other Republicans shown have dropped out….


2 thoughts on “ICYMI: Trump Wins Another State He Wasn’t Supposed To

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