Hitler Was SO Butthurt About His Micropenis

Huge news today out of Germany, folks. The Telegraph broke the news today that Adolf Hitler, arguably the biggest piece of shit to walk Planet Earth, had a micropenis.

Some goodies from the article:

“The discovery could offer some explanation as to why Hitler was allegedly afraid of being seen naked and the cause of his famed fits of rage.”

“It also likely to add fuel to the debate on Hitler’s sex life – or lack thereof – which is fiercely contested by historians.”

“In his biography of Hitler, the British historian Ian Kershaw said the Austrian-born Nazi leader was repelled by sexual activity of any kind as he feared catching an infection.”

“Hitler’s personal doctor, Theodor Morell, is also said to have diagnosed the Fuhrer with hypospadias and had prescribed him with hormones and amphetamines in an attempt to improve his sex drive.”

There you have it, folks. It looks like this huge asshole murdered millions of innocent people and started World War II, probably because he was butthurt and angry about his micropenis.

If there is a hell, I hope Hitler is there and aware that we all know about his NEEDLE DICK.

Hitler Micropenis.jpg


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