Charts, Bruh: Warming Up To Trump?

This chart is a doozy.

As you can see, people are starting to warm up to Trump. The chart below can provide one explanation regarding how Trump had shockingly YUGE victories in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Trump Voters.png


More voters are thinking they “could” vote for Trump in November while less voters are thinking they “couldn’t” vote for Trump in November.

Possible Reasons This is Happening:

  1. People are absolutely frightened that there’s a chance either a socialist or criminal could be America’s President and are riding with the most popular candidate.
  2. People are so underwhelmed with the other Republican candidates that they’ve basically said “fuck it”.
  3. Trump has actually improved as a politician. Despite the 1-5 ludicrous things he says per week, Trump has refined(?) his public speaking skills and is communicating in a much more efficient / less bombastic way.

I for one think that a Trump nomination would guarantee a Hillary Clinton victory in the general election, if she isn’t indicted by then. There’s just too many Republican voters that hate Trump and won’t turn out solely on principle.

Which is absolutely insane when the opposition is one of the most corrupt politicians in American history. FML. 

Clinton Foundation.jpg


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