Do Celebrity Endorsements Hurt Presidential Candidates?

Short answer: You better bet your ass that celebrity endorsements hurt the appeal of presidential candidates. Bill Cosby Hillary Clinton

Preface: obviously polls do not represent absolute science / all polls have major limits in terms of scope. Howwww-Evahhhh:

Bowling Green State University performed a study on +800 Ohioans expected to be voters in the November 2016 General Election. Ohio is a relatively decent gauge on how general elections play out. Ohio is also one the critical swing states that always has a chance of effecting the election if a particular race is close. Check out the results of the poll courtesy of NewsWise:

Celebrity Endorsements.png

Main takeaway from ya boy: 

A majority of celebrities are polarizing. Between eccentric lifestyles and people’s envy of money/fame, it is very easy for an average American to be “put off” by a celebrity.

Even fucking Oprah had a negative net rating!!! C’MON SON

Fun irony of the title photo: Bill Cosby (arguably the most evil celebrity sex predator known to date), defended allegations against Bill Clinton (who has been accused of sexual assault multiple times). The Hildebeast has spent her life defending men like Bill and Bill. 


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