Jerry Seinfeld’s Favorite “Seinfeld” Episode

Peep this great video below. It’s from mid-2015 at a Hulu event. If you can’t watch the video, these are the highlights from the 7-min clip.

Even 4 years into the show, Jerry and and Larry David felt the show was on edge and wouldn’t last that long. The creators felt there was a lack of connection with the audience. 

Crazy to think, right? I can’t believe that Seinfeld and David were still unsure of themselves and what they were doing almost HALFWAY into the show’s run. At one point, Seinfeld mentions how one night when he was watching a recently filmed episode, Jerry said to another writer: “I don’t get it…. The show seems funny to me”.

Seinfeld stated the show probably wouldn’t work nowadays because of all the silly nuances of the show that would be disrupted by the advances in technology. For example, Kramer barging in from next door probably wouldn’t happen if he could just text Jerry. 


Jerry explained that while George was clearly supposed to be Jewish in the show, the name Costanza and Jerry Stiller’s character of Frank seem very Italian. This created a “Judeo-Italian” family complex. 

I’ve legit questioned to myself whether George is Jewish or Italian multiples times.

Though he doesn’t like to pick a single favorite episode, Seinfeld has “The Marine Biologist” from Season 5 as one of favorite.

Such a great episode. Love the vocal cameo by Larry David shouting “Is anyone here a marine biologist” toward the end. Also love the random 30-sec cameo from Newman just strolling down the street. So ridiculous. So good.

Epic monologue from George that Seinfeld said they wrote the night before filming and Jason Alexander learned the next morning:


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