Proof Donald Trump Supported The Iraq War?

Donald Trump is full of shit and absolutely inflammatory on so many levels, 99% of the time. Ironically, one of the things Trump’s talking points that’s appealed to both Republicans and Democrats is his track record of opposing the Iraq War.

To Trump’s credit, there is ample evidence of The Donald stating on record that he was against the war. While it may be true that Trump opposed the war for legitimate reasons like preserving innocent lives (yeah fucking right), it’s likely his comments were a Young Trump.jpgmanifestation of his constant need to produce anti-establishment sentiment. And for everyone with short memories, it wasn’t just “W” that made us go to war in Iraq. Congress voted on it. Trump is the kind of guy that always wants to stir the pot with everyone.

Regardless, none of this is necessary factual and you can’t hold it against Trump. However, BuzzFeed broke the news tonight that Trump was on record with Howard Stern back in 2002 stating that the USA should probably invade Iraq

Also of note, an article that The Donald penned back in 1999 highlights that he believed Iraq controlled uranium-enriched weapons that could cause mass casualties.


It’ll be interesting how Trump tries to spin this one. Don’t be surprised when all his sycophants still believe everything he says. 


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