New York Yankees: Redefining Douchery

The New York Yankees, aka The Bronx Bombers, aka The Pretentious Pinstripes, just announced that they will no longer accept print-at-home tickets from attendees. This is absolute bullshit and a total inconvenience the the Average Joe that’s just trying to enjoy a ball game.

The executive fuckfaces will try to tell you that the move is meant to prevent ticket-fraud, but in reality it’s all a matter of corporate partnerships. As Deadspin highlighted, the YankeesSuck4.jpgstrategy is aimed to strengthen the franchise’s relationship with Ticketmaster while simultaneously hurting StubHub. Another thing to consider, the Yankees are definitely pushing for fully-digital ticketing in order to generate additional revenue streams through online advertising, which is omnipresent on 99% of all apps.

While I would love to paint this as just another act of Yankee-douchery, EVERYONE SHOULD EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN TO THEIR BALL CLUB OVER THE NEXT 2 YEARS.

The New York Mets pulled this shit out of nowhere during the 2015 playoffs. After going to 10+ games printing tickets from home, the organization screwed me during the NLCS and made me wait in line at the ticket office, and thus killing a full hour I would’ve spent binge drinking. Killin’ me son.



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