Killer Mike Did Nothing Wrong

The idea that Hillary is somehow more qualified or deserving of the presidency because she is a woman is absolute malarkey. The president should be elected solely on policy, track records, and future plans. Unfortunately, it’s a proven fact that voters are involuntarily swayed towards candidates based on personality characteristics and likeability factors. That’s bad enough. Voters shouldn’t now focus on even less-important issues than policy and personality, such as gender or race. Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders 2.png

Killer Mike did nothing wrong by espousing these facts. Unfortunately, the “Twitterati” and trolls on the internet decided to freak out on him because he used the word “uterus”.

But what you and many probably don’t know is: all Killer Mike did was quote renown feminist Jane Elliot. Not even Mike’s words. Just quoting Elliot. While also stating a blunt fact.

Unfortunately, the Hillary Media Military is going to try to spin this as an outrage and try to slow down the Bernie Sanders ascent.

Stay tuned… Killer Miller  and Bernie Sanders ain’t the one’s to back down. BROOKLYN AND ATLANTA STAND UP.

NYT Excerpt Below

Screen shot 2016-02-19 at 12.35.03 AM.png


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