Donald Trump Calls For Apple Boycott: From his iPhone

Who are you kidding? You aren’t surprised.

With all of the crazy shit The Donald has said and done since announcing his campaign for the US Presidency, he somehow hasn’t seised to blow our minds.

Regardless of how you feel about Trump as a person and politician: You have to appreciate the fact that not a single fucking thing has derailed him. Month after month, media outlets have labeled each successive Trump act as the “nail in the coffin”.

Folks, unless Trump received some wild training from Beatrix Kiddo, there has yet to be a coffin, let alone a nail. 


Today’s blunder from Trump comes in the form of Apple-bashing. Trump called for the ban of all Apple products due to its current battle with the FBI.

Trump Tweet.pngTrump Tweet 2.png

Trump just so happened to be tweeting this “call for an Apple-ban”, from his iPhone.

Don’t fret though, Trump Fans, this will have no affect on his national appeal given the following things didn’t harm him at all:

  1. Calling Mexicans rapists.
  2. Publicly mocking Carly Fiorina’s “face”.
  3. Stating that he would date his daughter Ivanka, if she wasn’t his daughter.
  4. Mocking John McCain for being a POW while serving in the US military.
  5. Stating that Megyn Kelly has “blood coming out of her everywhere”.
  6. Referring to Pope Francis’ comments as “disgraceful”.




PS: That clip from Kill Bill 2 is arguably my favorite moment of the entire Kill Bill Saga. The Ennio Morricone score is absolutely incredible (2nd Greatest Movie Composer of All Time Behind John Williams). So much of Kill Bill 2 led to this exact moment. Epic payoff. Let us go.





3 thoughts on “Donald Trump Calls For Apple Boycott: From his iPhone

  1. Morricone’s great I agree, but I hope you know that particular score is all cut-and-paste, licensed cues from other people’s previous movies. Tarantino has been notoriously cheap about music in his films, and Morricone had previously made some harsh remarks about that. He FINALLY paid for an original score for “Hateful Eight”, for which Morricone has been getting lots of award nominations, and he will be scoring the next film too so I guess they solved their disagreement.

    As to the Donald urging a boycott of Apple, I only have one thing to say. “You first.”
    (Sent from my MacBook.)


    • 1) Totally agree with you homie.
      2) Love Tarantino films, but not an apologist of his on a personal level by any means. However, I always felt the conflict with Ennio wasn’t as big as reported / QT has always expressed his love for EMs work.
      3) Morricone absolute deserves all credits on the films / the corresponding ciritical awards.
      4) Didn’t Morricone officially score multiple tracks for Django Unchained?
      5) The Donald: Not hating on anyone’s views. Just: #WHATATIMETOBEALIVE


      • Re: #4: Yeah, there were some original cues, and some re-licensed ones. EM specifically objected to the re-use of the theme song from Sergio Corbucci’s 70’s movie, since original theme songs get more attention, radio play (residuals-ka CHING$$$) and nominations for composers. Many times a movie’s theme song will be the ONLY thing up for awards (Grammy & Oscar), but you can’t get picked for an old song unless it’s a new recording or singer

        #5 That is the truth!


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