Doc Rivers Keeps Bending Doc Rivers Over

Doc Rivers (General Manager of the LA Clippers) has repeatedly and relentlessly fucked over Doc Rivers (Head Coach of the LA Clippers). Sorry if that was a literal/figurative

Doc Rivers MindFuck.jpg

Doc Rivers, Getting Mind-Fucked

mind-fuck for you…..

Let’s take a step back:

When Doc Rivers got the hell outta dodge and bailed on the Boston Celtics like an NBA Bowe Bergdahl, he managed to snag the General Manager position too based on ill-conceived clout. Unfortunately for Doc Rivers (Head Coach), Doc Rivers (General Manager) has been absolutely horrible at finding good fits for his team, identifying value, and managing the salary cap.

Just when you thought Doc had already outdone himself this past offseason by signing Josh Smith (who he has already traded) and trading a FIRST ROUND PICK for Lance Stephenson, Rivers upped the fucking ante:

Doc traded Lance Stephenson and ANOTHER FIRST ROUND PICK to the Grizzlies for Jeff Green. Rather than waste anymore time writing about Doc Rivers, let me just bullet-point how freaking dumb this is:

  1. Doc Rivers (General Manager) traded 2 different first round picks just so he could trade Lance Stephenson after 3 months of NBA service.
  2. Doc Rivers (Head Coach) barely played Lance Stephenson while with the Clippers, after “his GM” traded a first round pick for him.
  3. Doc Rivers did all of this masochistic shit just so he can acquire Jeff Green, a former player of his, who he openly criticized and complained about while coaching him.



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