Bill Simmons: “The Ringer”

Word broke yesterday that along with his upcoming HBO show, Bill Simmons is launching a new website to publish written/video content. This is excited news for any The RingerSimmons-Stan, as most would agree that writing is his strong suit. Simmons has already scooped over 10 former Grantland employees for the new site, including some of his lead editors.

Nick From NY’s take: I got a 3/4’s chubster when I found out that Simmons would definitely be writing again. While I enjoy most of his podcasts and absolutely respect his production chops, Simmons’ true bread-and-butter is his long form writing (In my not so fucking humble opinion).

But here’s the thing… this name “The Ringer” is just not working for me. Unless the content is really THAT GOOD, it’s going to be impossible for me not to picture Johnny Knoxville pretending to be mentally handicapped. Oh well.

The Ringer Johnny Knoxville.png



2 thoughts on “Bill Simmons: “The Ringer”

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