SB Nation Just Shit The Bed: Jeff Arnold is Toast

Holtzclaw.jpegSome wild shit has just transpired in the journalism industry over the past few hours. SB Nation, a (formerly?) respected news site, published a long-form article by Jeff Arnold. The piece, in essence, was a shallow attempt to highlight the positive personal characteristics of convicted rapist and former college athlete Daniel Holtzclaw.

Holtzclaw played college football player at Eastern Michigan University. As an Oklahoma City Police Officer, he used his power to manipulate and rape vulnerable women. Holtzclaw has been sentenced to life (263 years in prison).

In just a few hours the article was taken down (I wonder why) and SB Nation editor Spencer Hall issued a formal apology. Ironically, as Deadspin highlighted, the piece was Spencer Halltouted and passed along via Twitter by people within the organization following the publication. This leads one to think that the article wasn’t necessary something that “leaked through the cracks, but rather an INSANE MISTAKE” that SB Nation immediately regretted.

In other news, Jeff Arnold has deleted his Twitter account. Other than the fact that he soul-sellingly defended a convicted sociopathic rapist, I feel bad that he is probably getting death threats and has ruined his career.

Jeff Arnold



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