Ivan Johnson “Don’t Like People Playin’ On His Phone”

Ivan Johnson is at it again.

Seriously, Ivan Johnson gives ZERO FUCKS. If you aren’t familiar with Johnson, he was an NBA player with the Hawks for a few years as basically the NBA’s version of an “Enforcer” (a la Hockey). However, Ivan The Terrible has been outta the league for a few years now and has been on quite a tear, if you will.

Keepin It RealThis weekend, Johnson was banned from the Philippines Basketball Association in the MIDDLE OF THE GAME for “addressing the Commissioner with profanities and showing utter disrespect for authority”, according to SB Nation. That’s some crazy shit.

Here’s a quick recap of good ol’ Ivan’s other wild experiences as of late:

  1. Banned from the Korean Basketball Association
  2. Choked out his own teammate

I think it’s safe to say that Ivan Johnson Don’t Like People Playin’ On His Phone.


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