Is Kanye West Going Crazy? Or Just Going Broke?

According to one of the newest installments in the 2016 Kanye West TweetStorm, Kanye is $53MM in debt right now.

Kanye Tweet - 53MM Debt.png

This comes as shocking news considering not just the global success Kanye West has achieved in the fields of music, arts, and fashion, but also his luxurious indulgences Kanye-West-Lamborghini-matteand lofty business plans. The guy is the purest definition of a “rockstar” in the 21st century and exemplifies that lifestyle with the way he lives and acts.

However, this little tweet about being a whole god damn fifty three mil in debt is outta control. The

No Filter Network has it’s money on this being either:

  1. A Complete Lie
  2. Some form of the truth as in Kanye has $53MM in capital expenditures (which are technically assets on the balance sheet)

Kanye took it a step further and ended up begging Mark Zuckerberg for invested capital on social media. At this point, knows if this is all a front or not?

Kanye Tweet - Zuckerberg.png

But if Kanye really is in $53MM in debt, then he deserves to be vaporized from planet Earth along with the entire Kardashian Klan…. We’ll keep the discography up to 2011, doe.


One thought on “Is Kanye West Going Crazy? Or Just Going Broke?

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