Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead at 79: Why Everyone Is Freaking Out

I’m sure many of you were confused Saturday afternoon when coming home all boozed up after a solid day-guy (darty, day drinking) and logging onto Twitter to find everyone and their mother freaking out over the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Scalia 2.jpg

These days, with so many media outlets pushing shitloads of “unique” content, it’s rare to see an event absolutely consume everyone’s timeline and tweets. The Ol’ Sandbag Scalia croaking over at his Texas Ranch suddenly at the age of 79 warranted this momentous distinction.

So other then the fact that 1 of the 9 most esteemed judicial figures in America has died, why is everyone freaking the fuck out about Scalia’s death.

Lemme break it down for y’all: a vacancy of a SCOTUS seat has far-reaching implications that can dictate the transformation of the United States for decades to come.

Reasons Why:

  1. A SCOTUS nomination is a lifetime appointment of service that lasts until a Supreme Court Justice either steps down or conveniently dies suddenly at their Texas Ranch ; )
  2. The President of the United States historically has the executive power to appoint new Supreme Court Justices to serve life terms.
  3. The President historically will pick a Supreme Court Justice based on their political agenda and constitutional viewpoints.
  4. This ultimately dictates the direction the country takes on key constitutional issues, mainly social issues (gay rights, healthcare laws, etc.)
  5. The new President elected in 2016 will have the power to appoint new Supreme Court Justices if seats open.


So why does Reason #5 matter so much? Because with the death of Scalia, the SCOTUS is now comprised of just 8 Justices who have been on planet Earth for quite a few years, nam sayin’?


The new President, if he/she ends up serving 2 terms, will have the ability to most likely appoint 3-4 new Supreme Court Justices. When we have candidates that lean to the polar extremes such as Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, the SCOTUS appointments can and will dictate the direction America goes in terms of constitutional interpretations and lawmaking.

Fun Fact: Congress holds some constitutional power in terms of strongly advising the President on who to appoint and the ultimate approvals. Stay tuned for an ugly dogfight over the next 12 months.

Bold Prediction: Obama will delay his nomination and wait to see if the DNC nominee has a strong chance of winning the general election. If so, Obama will let the next President appoint the nest Supreme Court Justice, will will conveniently be named Barack Hussein Obama. Uh oh…. 




5 thoughts on “Supreme Court Justice Scalia Dead at 79: Why Everyone Is Freaking Out

  1. Good simplification for general readers! I don’t think Obama can resist nominating, because it’s a tactical advantage for him to do it fairly soon. He can nominate one of several Appeals Court judges who were confirmed unanimously by the Senate after the GOP gained majority. When they try to resist or delay, he will be able to rebuke them publicly for hypocrisy. Can’t you hear him saying, “You just confirmed this person without objection, yet now they are somehow magically unqualified?” It could even endanger the reelection of some of the Senate Republicans.


    • It’s fuckin wild. Despite my overall disappointment in, and critique of, the current administration, it’s the right of President to appoint a SC Justice (with congressional consent). Unfortunately the public cannot trust this admin’s decision-making. Excited to see this shit play out doe.

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