Rubio The Repetitive Robot: From Canada?

For today’s edition of “Rubio The Repetitive Robot“, we have the bubble-boy himself messing up once again and showing America that he and his campaign probably don’t know exactly what they’re doing.

The following image below is the opening shot of a brand new Rubio ad that was just released. The ad, titled “Morning Again In America”, is supposed to conjure up feelings of nostalgia for American traditions and conservative values.

Rubio Ad.png

Unfortunately for the Rubio camp, this is an image of the beautiful Canadian city known as Vancouver….. ted-cruz-ap

And I thought we only had 1 inexperienced Junior Senator from Canada running for President….


Looking forward to seeing some of these candidates start to crack and ultimately unravel. Then again, Rubio will always have the NFL to fall back on.


Check out more info on the subject at:



One thought on “Rubio The Repetitive Robot: From Canada?

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