Marco Rubio starring in “I Love The Dough”

This is old news, but because the NFN mentioned it in a previous post, we figured we’d give y’all the full scoop.

For those who haven’t realized by now: Marco Rubio is running for President for the social and economic privileges that the position comes with. The guy is only a Junior Senator and has very little experience on a congressional level. Anyone that has studied strong and

JayZ Biggie.jpg


Pictured Above: Two guys that love the dough.


sustained political careers can tell you that many successful politicians are built on patience and building experience (Obama being the biggest exception). Rubio has rushed into the national political spotlight rather quickly and has left himself vulnerable not only to tripping over himself due to inexperience, but having his minute resume criticized publicly.

With all of the current Republicans running for the RNC Presidential ticket, a savy political mind would think Rubio should sit this one out, let all the other guys rub each other’s names in the dirt, and come back in 4 years to run for POTUS with 4 more years of Senatorial experience under his belt.

But no… Marco wants the power and the glory now. And he wants the social and financial benefits that come with the position

(I mean, who the fuck doesn’t?…. but shhhh).

Rubio basically copped to the fact that he’s focused on a career path that’ll lead to power and money when he shared with Jimmy Fallon that he doesn’t plan to run for the Senate again. Ohhhh no… Marco has his eyes on a much bigger position: NFL Commissioner.

You heard it right, folks. In the middle of an intense presidential campaign that can dictate the direction of this country for decades to come, Marco Rubio is already plotting back-up plans in his quest for power and money.

For those that don’t know, Roger Goodell currently receives an annual salary of $44MM a year to be Commissioner of the NFL.

Ladies and gentlemen, Marco Rubio Loves The Dough!


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