Kevin Durant to Golden State: What to Think

As many of you must know by now, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports officially broke the news (which many in NBA circles have already speculated) that the Golden State Warriors will be major contenders in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes this upcoming summer when he hits the free agency. This sent some shockwaves throughout the league and the media as people imaKD Sadgined 1 of the 5 best basketball players on Earth joining arguably one of the 5 to 10 best NBA teams of all time.

Sorry, we had to get that necessary background information out of the way…

Over the next 5 months, you’ll hear a bunch of fuckface gasbags disguised as “media personalities” make it seem like you can only have a binary view on the topic:

  1. You HAVE TO trade whoever it takes to free up the necessary cap space to sign Durant, regardless of how it affects the makeup of the team.
  2. You HAVE TO sit back and not risk the messing up the chemistry of a likely dominant back-to-back NBA champion.

This is fucking stupid. It’s not fucking black and white. Then again, few things in this world are other than newspapers, zebras, and Michael Jackson’s 1991 hit record.

Here are the 3 key things critical thinkers must contemplate when considering if the Warriors should go after Durant:

  1. Risk-Reward: letting glue-guys like Bogut, Iguodala, and Barnes go just to sign Kevin Durant when we have know way of quantifying how impactful these role players really are toward the success of GSW.
  2. Injury Prevention: Steph Curry was known as a guy with glass-ankles during his first few years in the league. Say Curry goes down with a broken ankle and needs to miss 6-8 weeks…Are the GSW better off with a reduced supporting cast but also a Top-5 talent like KD with Curry out.
  3. Minimizing Opponent’s Strength: If the Warriors have Kevin Durant, it means 29 other teams in the NBA don’t. This is critical when we have a league that consists of only maybe 4 teams that can actually win the championship.

When you put on your No Filter Network goggles and view this “KD to GSW” issue through these 3 lenses, it is pretty clear that THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY OF KNOWING WHAT GOLDEN STATE SHOULD DO.

My 2 cents: Win the second championship, and make the move for KD. They’ll have 2 championship runs with the team as constructed, and can move forward in a semi-new direction with a perennial talent like KD.




2 thoughts on “Kevin Durant to Golden State: What to Think

  1. I’m inclined to believe that this is shade being thrown by anyone not named “The Golden State Warriors” in an attempt to mess with the chemistry of the team. Just does not make any sense for Warriors execs to leak outrageous info like this in the midst of a historic run. But, “sources” from opponents i.e. Clips, Spurs, Rox, etc. would make sense to send out these types of waves in an attempt at inducing Warriors collusion.


    • Feel you dude. But IM(NSF)HO this info ain’t coming from thin air in an attempt to sabotage the GSW chemistry. It is a fact that the Dubs will have the cap space to sign a max playa this summa (because it seems pretty clear at this point the Warriors will not try to resign Harrison Barnes). If KD is reported to have interest, then you gotta speculate the implications.

      For my 2nd IM(NSF)HO of the post: I think KD should stay with Russ-Russ.


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