How The Fuck Do You Pronounce Tyrone These Days?

Folks, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to pronounce the name Tyrone these days and it’s starting to interfere with our daily lives. Something must be done.

That natural way to try and pronounce the name “Tyrone” based on how we were raised is: TIE – ROW-N (or something like that… you can’t expect the kid to know how to spell out “proper pronunciations”). An example of this pronunciation would be Tyrone Biggums.

Tyrone Biggums

But nowadays, with crazy parents trying to make it more difficult for teachers reading a class list or sports fans reading a box score, we get new pronunciations of the name Tyrone that’s throwing all of us for a loop. I just threw out my back thinking about it.

We got Tyrann Mathieu (Honey Badger) out here with the pronunciation TIE-RUN (I think).

Honey Badger

And we got this scrub ex-baller that Iverson stepped all over that’s coaching Team LeBron after going “full-Brutus” to David Blatt’s Julius Caesar. Apparently his name is pronounced TER-RAN (again, I think).

Iverson Over Lue

So to recap, we got:

  1. TIE – ROW-N
  2. TIE-RUN
  3. TER-RAN

C’MON SON. Ya killin’ me.


Disclaimer: I know they are all different names and not really derivatives of the name “Tyrone”. This is sarcasm. I’m not an actual racist. 

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