Butthurt Alert: NBA All-Star Game

With the day off from work on this frigid-ass President’s Day, I stumbled across some shitty ESPN 2 programming as day-time-television doesn’t exactly present us with many options. In the process of my brain slowly being numbed death by stupid “hot takes”, I noticed countless fuckface gasbags (media personalities) complaining about the NBA All Star Game and stating things like:images

  1. This was the worst All Star Game Ever
  2. The players didn’t even really try
  3. The fans deserve a better performance

What do I have to say to these complaints: quit being butthurt, son.

These guys are professional athletes that are spending their 1 weekend off of the season “competing” and putting on a show for the fans. I’m so god damn sorry that their lack of os-aaron-gordon-all-star-dunk-contest-0214-20160213.jpgsignificant effort hurt your stupid fucking sensibilities.

Let alone the fact that the ASG is what we call an “EXHIBITION”, it just makes no sense for people to be complaining about the quality of the game… especially when NBA fans were served up a hot fucking plate of dopeness on Saturday between the Skills Competition, the 3-Point Contest, and the Slam Dunk Contest.

Nah yo, forreal….

We had a 3-Point Contest featuring arguably the best compilation of shooters that the contest has ever had, including the 2 best shooters of the past decade.

We had the BEST Slam Dunk Contest in 15 years that was not only entertaining, but also provided drama and controversy that will propel interest in the “dying event” all the way to next year.

So pop off, and quit being butthurt.


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